Defining Digital

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Digital transformation is a hot buzzword in the business world, and you may think you need one for your business.

But what the hell does digital transformation even mean?

A business transformation is organizational change that affects how you deliver value to your customers. Transformations are not a new concept, businesses have done them for years to adapt to changing market conditions and meet the needs of their customers.

The word digital is more of a pain in the ass. Digital is a placeholder term that can represent just about any usage of technology. Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of possible digital enhancements:

What I find interesting about this list is that it focuses on implementations that involve the usage of digital technologies, but says nothing to the business concern being solved by making the transformation.

A digital transformation is integrating technology into your business to change how you deliver value to your customers. Knowing what value you want to deliver is the first step, before getting distracted by the how. Odds are good that you will need an unique combination of technological implementations in order to meet your needs.

Before you can generate a list such as the above, figure out how market trends and customer expectations are changing, and what the ideal state for your business is to meet those changes. This value proposition will guide you as you generate a list of ways to use technology to meet your needs.